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About Us

Blue Skies is an information technology company based in the Netherlands, founded by Leonard Louwe Kooijmans and Leon Oosterwijk. Both Leon and Leonard graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science early 2001. In 2004 Leon left Blue Skies to pursue a wife and carreer in the United States. Leonard has continued Blue Skies since then, backuped by partners like New Fountain and CoolCreations.

We have been providing companies with a presence suited to their specific need since 1998. Primarily for organisations based in the Netherlands, but also in the other countries like Sweden, United Kingdom and Germany.

Our young, dynamic and direct approach has allowed us to develop website applications under various different circumstances. Specifically development under tight time constraints is one of the points Blue Skies excels in.

Our customers range from small non profit organisations to stock echange listed companies. In 2005 we've become a preferred supplier for smaller projects for Reed Business Information. Please check out our portfolio for several projects we've completed recently.